The Ion Funnel Interface

MassTech, Inc. is proud to announce a new product based on Ion Funnel Technology, licensed from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), designed to improve your current mass spectrometer’s performance. The Ion Funnel Interface is a “front end” add-on which can improve instrument sensitivity significantly, which will assist with limits of detection and the ability to detect elements within mixtures.

A number of different types of mass spectrometers employ narrow apertures (skimmers) to separate differentially pumped vacuum regions in the front-end interface. A skimmer is capable of transmitting only a small fraction of an ion beam and thus represents one of the bottlenecks for achieving high analytical sensitivity within a mass spectrometer.

The Ion Funnel Interface (see Figure 1) is based on PNNL’s patented Ion Funnel Technology which replaces your mass spectrometer’s skimmer arrangement and enables highly efficient ion transmission through the elevated pressure regions of a mass spectrometer.


Figure 1 – Pictures of Ion Funnel Interface coupled to mass spectrometer

As a result of the drastic improvement in ion transmission when the Ion Funnel Interface is employed, 10 to 100 fold higher sensitivity has been shown.

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