MT Explorer 50

MT Explorer MassTech is proud to introduce our 2nd generation portable/field deployable 3-D ion trap mass spectrometer, the MT Explorer 50 (MT50).

The new MT50 is significant fraction of the size, weight and cost of its predecessor while providing capabilities similar to the full sized MT100. The compact design makes it perfect for field use and its’ powerful MS-n function makes structure elucidation easy to achieve.

Building on decades of knowledge and work, as well as our experience with the MT100, the MT50 was developed from the bottom up to provide laboratory-level analysis in the field. The key to achieving our goal for size was finding a way to shrink the bulky vacuum chamber of the standard lab mass spectrometer and combining it with our uniquely designed 3D ion trap. Finally, we knew that our customers or field technicians would need to be able to conduct basic maintenance, so we designed the system for easy disassembly.

The performance of the MT50 matches that of the major OEMs (see Table 1 for basic specifications). Its atmospheric pressure inlet makes it easy to switch between a variety of sources such as our own ESI, AP MALDI, Direct Sampling (DS)-APCI (Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization) and (DS)-sESI (Secondary electrospray) ion sources. For more information on our in-house sources, please take a look at their page under Products on our website, or just click on an image to be redirected.

Parameter Value
Mass range: 30-2500 Da
Scan rate: 1,000 to 8,000 Da/sec
Resolution: up to 6,000 @ 2,000 Da & 4,000 Da/sec
Mass accuracy: better than 0.3 Da
Weight: 75 lbs. without laptop
Dimensions: 12” x 17” x 20”

We also know that many customers will have sources they would like to try on the MT50 such as Ionsense’s DART. If you already have a mass spectrometer, your old sources may also be compatible with the MT50 – to be sure, just contact us by phone or email and we can tell you.


We are particularly excited about the opportunities the MT50 gives its customers to perform laboratory-level analysis on site. The potential for food safety, environmental analysis and threat detection are obvious uses for a portable device such as the MT50. The power of MS-MS, however, expands the capabilities of the MT50’s user to perform peptide analysis for biological determination. One could potentially verify the type of food product (Cow or horse? Snapper or tilapia?) within seconds, not days, saving retailers from fraudulent suppliers. Researchers can save days of travel by simply performing analysis in the field rather than having to waiting to verify data at a lab. All this from a system competitively priced with your standard desktop instrument.

Sample Spectra

Our customers range from commercial to government. Call or email to request a price quote from the price quote page in order to get more information on this system. We are a US based small business, family owned, ITAR compliant.