What is AP-MALDI?

The AP-MALDI (Atmospheric Pressure, Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization) source has been our signature product since the inception of the company. Currently in its’ fifth generation -called AP-MALDI (ng) HR – our AP-MALDI ion source uses several key pieces of technology MassTech has developed over years of work with this product. Furthermore, as the AP-MALDI operates at atmospheric pressure (requiring zero pumping time after installation) samples are not required to be vacuum compatible. This gives you the ability to use volatile or semi-volatile solvents and matrices in your sample, allowing for new and non-traditional MALDI applications.

The AP-MALDI source is compatible with Mass Spectrometers from all major Mass Spectrometer manufacturers. Due to the atmospheric pressure interface, you can switch from ESI to AP-MALDI in minutes, if not seconds! For labs with occasional MALDI needs, or for labs without a dedicated MALDI Mass Spectrometer, the AP-MALDI source is the perfect solution.

At MassTech, we have developed applications using the AP-MALDI in conjunction with instruments with MS/MS capabilities, such as our own MT Explorer 50, allowing us to do MALDI MS/MS and do work such as detection and even identification of bacteria and other biological samples. If your instrument has accurate mass measurement capability, with the AP-MALDI you can do accurate mass MALDI. As a result, we have seen excellent results with instruments such as the Thermo QExactive Orbitrap and the latest Agilent 6000 series.

The AP-MALDI is sold world-wide through our network of distributors. Within the Continental United States, you can contact us directly for a price quote. For international deliveries, all quotes requests to msms@apmaldi.com will be redirected to the appropriate distributor. Agilent representatives can contact us directly for preferential pricing. There is a one-time installation/training fee for these units.

What is HR?  UHR?  (ng)?

The current AP/MALDI is on its fifth generation.  Along with improvements such as a solid state Nd:YAG laser, which should last for well over a decade, we have focused on usability and ease of installation with the Next Generation (ng) AP/MALDI.

Those improvements include: an internally stored solid state laser and laser controller.  Enhanced accuracy micro-step stages.  Externally mounted controls for laser focus and position as well as camera focus and position.  Enhanced optical components to produce smaller spot sizes.

The difference between HR and UHR is with the optical package installed in the system.  The UHR optical package allows for sub-10 micron laser dot size (imaging resolution).  The HR optical package can focus up to 50 micron.  For work that does not require sub-10 micron resolution, the HR package is an economical option that provides the user with every other improvement that the Next Generation platform delivers.

Why select AP MALDI?

  • It is the most cost effective way to do MALDI MS/MS
  • It is sensitive – users can detect peptides at attmole level
  • Easily interchangeable with ESI in just minutes
  • “Softer” ionization (i.e., mostly +1 charge ions produced) due to fast thermalization of internal energies at atmospheric conditions
  • High throughput applications
  • Lower lifetime ownership cost

Compatible with

  • Agilent
  • Bruker
  • JEOL
  • Sciex
  • Shimadzu
  • Thermo
  • Waters