What is AP-MALDI?

The AP-MALDI (Atmospheric Pressure, Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization) source has been our signature product since the inception of the company. Currently in its’ fifth generation -called AP-MALDI (ng) HR – our AP-MALDI ion source uses several key pieces of technology MassTech has developed over years of work with this product. Furthermore, as the AP-MALDI operates at atmospheric pressure (requiring zero pumping time after installation) samples are not required to be vacuum compatible. This gives you the ability to use volatile or semi-volatile solvents and matrices in your sample, allowing for new and non-traditional MALDI applications.

The AP-MALDI source is compatible with Mass Spectrometers from all major Mass Spectrometer manufacturers. Due to the atmospheric pressure interface, you can switch from ESI to AP-MALDI in minutes, if not seconds! For labs with occasional MALDI needs, or for labs without a dedicated MALDI Mass Spectrometer, the AP-MALDI source is the perfect solution.

At MassTech, we have developed applications using the AP-MALDI in conjunction with instruments with MS/MS capabilities, such as our own MT Explorer 50, allowing us to do MALDI MS/MS and do work such as detection and even identification of bacteria and other biological samples. If your instrument has accurate mass measurement capability, with the AP-MALDI you can do accurate mass MALDI. As a result, we have seen excellent results with instruments such as the Thermo QExactive Orbitrap and the latest Agilent 6000 series.

The AP-MALDI is sold world-wide through our network of distributors. Within the Continental United States, you can contact us directly for a price quote. For international deliveries, all quotes requests to msms@apmaldi.com will be redirected to the appropriate distributor. Agilent representatives can contact us directly for preferential pricing. There is a one-time installation/training fee for these units.

Why select AP MALDI?

  • It is the most cost effective way to do MALDI MS/MS
  • It is sensitive – users can detect peptides at attmole level
  • Easily interchangeable with ESI in just minutes
  • “Softer” ionization (i.e., mostly +1 charge ions produced) due to fast thermalization of internal energies at atmospheric conditions
  • High throughput applications
  • Lower lifetime ownership cost

Compatible with

  • Agilent
  • Bruker
  • JEOL
  • Sciex
  • Shimadzu
  • Thermo
  • Waters