Sorry for the big break between posts, everyone!  It’s been a busy end to the year, and to be honest, we haven’t been super prompt on updating the front page of the site.  Apologies.

We wanted to report one other item from ASMS, and this was the first public announcement of our latest commercial product, our Sub AP MALDI (ng).  This product is a bit of a break from our others in that it’s not an atmospheric pressure device.  It operates in a low pressure (sub atmospheric) environment, between 1-10 torr.  Preliminary in-house data shows some interesting things, such as increased sensitivity to lower mass fragments and increased sensitivity overall.  In fact, when combined with our ion funnel, sensitivity increases by at least an order of magnitude.  This is especially helpful for (AP) MALDI imaging purposes.

If you’re interested, take a look at the product page or ask us about a demo!