Hello, 2018!

So, as we noted earlier, 2017 ended with a bang.  We delivered a significant number of AP MALDIs worldwide and registered further sales of our MT50 mass spectrometer.  Thank you to our customers in Peru, France and South Korea for your hospitality and good luck with your new toys! However, we really wanted to note a couple big updates on the website: In the DOWNLOADS section, AP MALDI users should check out the newest version of Target for the AP…

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Reports from ASMS 2017 Part 3 of 3

Sorry for the big break between posts, everyone!  It’s been a busy end to the year, and to be honest, we haven’t been super prompt on updating the front page of the site.  Apologies. We wanted to report one other item from ASMS, and this was the first public announcement of our latest commercial product, our Sub AP MALDI (ng).  This product is a bit of a break from our others in that it’s not an atmospheric pressure device.  It…

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