MassTech says “Hello!” from our booth at the IMSC 2016 conference in Toronto, Ontario. Anyone interested in hands on time with a working AP MALDI UHR unit as well as our newest Sub-AP MALDI should come on by and meet with Dr. Doroshenko and Dr. Laiko during the day at booth #1129, behind the Waters booth.

In addition to meeting with interested customers, we’ve also managed to score some time at the AB SCIEX facility in Toronto, and tested out the AP MALDI UHR and our software on a Triple Quad 5500. The signal was solid, and when in MMR (or SMR) mode, we noticed that the background noise simply disappears! For certain imaging applications, it seems as though the Triple Quad mass spectrometers from AB SCIEX with our AP MALDI are a very interesting combination.

APMALDI and Triplie Quad