MassTech Inc., a provider of AP-MALDI technology for mass spectrometry, today announced the availability of AP/MALDI-PDF ion sources for Thermo Finnigan’s linear ion trap (Finnigan™ LTQ™) and hybrid LIT (Finnigan™ LTQ FT™) mass spectrometers. The AP/MALDI-PDF ion source can be switched with electrospray in just minutes. The AP/MALDI-PDF is designed for tool-less, rapid attachment to the LTQ without the need to break vacuum. The larger square source housing accommodates ABI sample plates, and integrates pulsed dynamic focusing (PDF) technology which is used to increase sensitivity and reliability of the system. More information on this AP/MALDI Model 132 ion source, including a quote request link, can be found in the Products section.

*Finnigan, LTQ, and LTQ FT are trademarks of Thermo Electron Corporation.